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Alex McPherson

Software Developer in Boulder, Colorado

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I am a web developer and manager-of-web-developers in Boulder, Colorado. I like learning and playing around with emerging web technologies like SVG, Service Workers, web sockets, and other irresponsible-to-use things. Web performance is particularly interesting to me, and I recently published a report on performance trends in 2014 across the web.

Speaking and teaching are pretty important to me and I’m always trying to get better. My speaking page has more details about formal conferences I’ve been asked to speak at. CU Boulder has a program called BDW at which I was proud to teach basic web development using Rails and Backbone for several semesters. I also do formal trainings for our clients at Quick Left on a regular basis on everything from HTML and CSS to Ember.js to testing strategies for JavaScript MVC applications.

###Conference Bio

Alex is an engineer at Twitter in Boulder, Colorado. His past experience includes financial information design and development for Fortune 500 companies. He has taught JavaScript and Ruby on Rails at Colorado University’s BDW program and helped create custom training for Quick Left’s clients. When he’s not engaging in horrific amounts of screen time he is usually racing mountain bikes, shaking fancy cocktails, or eating kale with his wife and their new daughter.