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When to Level Up Your JavaScript

Some applications use lots of JavaScript, others not so much. When to add things like testing and an MVC framework are hard choices to make. I'll help you!

How to Work With 3rd Party Developers

Deciding if you want, need, and can afford to hire outside technical help can be a quick decision fueled by a need to firefight, but there are some strategic...

Measuring Technical Success (Is Hard)

Measuring a developer's success is tricky. It's well documented that any kind of performance measuring is ripe for being gamed. What should you do as a manager?

How to Perform a CSS Audit

This audit process assesses how organized the project's CSS is, how up to date the pipeline for evaluating and building it is, and how well structured and di...



Scraping and Analyzing .vimrc Files

.vimrc files are where vimmers keep their configuration settings. While learning vim I thought it would be fun to scrape a few thousand of these from GitHub ...