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CrossRider is like PhoneGap, but for browser extensions instead of mobile apps. The APIs offered by the major players for browser extensions all differ a little, just like you’d hope, so like PhoneGap and jQuery before it, CrossRider normalizes an interface for all browsers.

Sam Breed currently has an oil painting of Jeff Goldblum as his Twitter background, and his explanation was that it encouraged him to get back to work. I like that idea, but thought that the first minute or so of a time wasting site was ok, but the penalties should add up so people know how long you’ve been Redditing or Facebooking.

Hence, FocusShame. I’m waiting on my developer account (FIVE freaking dollars!) from Google to publish the full extension, so until there here’s a sweet gif showing how Twitter breaks down over time. Sped up for giffing purposes: