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(Обещают Библиотеки в JavaScript) Promise Libraries in JavaScript

  • Video: Link
  • Slides: Link
  • Delivered in: Moscow, Russia on October 15 2013

I was incredibly flattered to be invited to speak about asynchronous JavaScript using promises in Moscow in 2013. The flight there was murderous for my 6’ 6” frame, but it was incredible to see all of the sites, and to deliver a talk in the style of the United Nations. There was a one-way mirror with translators behind it, and everyone in the audience had earphones. They (mostly) laughed at my jokes on a 10 second delay. This was a first for me!

We learned a bit about patterns for using promises in front end code, and compared features and performance between vow.js, jQuery Deferreds, and Q. A lively discussion about the performance of vow took place in Russian, and it appeared that the takeaway was that they would switch over shortly.

Google says this means:

“after a report by $ .Deferred () appeared a strong desire to rewrite half frontend”

Totally awesome.

“excellent performance by Alex McPherson for $.Deferred.””